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      The list of benefits and uses of tea tree essential oil is infinite: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, blemishes, acne, body odor, yeast and fungal infections … the only thing we wanted to add was a bit of lime!

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    Our soap starts early in the morning. With real goats that are really milked by us. From goats that have been grazing on our own green pastures. It’s nice to know where your food and your soap come from. The milk isn’t dried, powdered or watered down when we mix it with the oils to make our soap. We wouldn’t put anything in our soap that we couldn’t look you straight in the eyes and feel good telling you about. We think essential oils smell great (we don’t like the effects synthetic fragrances have on our bodies anyway), and we love the colors herbs and spices make our soaps.
    It’s just the Two Girls (we leave The Goat at home) making our soap in small batches, 60 bars at a time. We like to say that haste makes waste, so we would rather keep up our quality than to sacrifice it for quantity. You can rest assured that each bar is made with integrity and love, knowing we see it all the way from the gathering in of excellent ingredients to the wrapping of each bar by hand.


    olive, coconut and palm oils (saponified), goat milk, essential oils (tea tree, lime), nettle


    You love your soap, right? Then treat it right! Soap that has to sit in a puddle of water all day after your shower gets so sad. It tells you so by getting slimy and disappearing more quickly than it should. This soap loves to dry out completely between each use. It will tell you so by lasting longer and staying harder! So take care of your soap by using a soap dish or wire rack, and your soap will take care of you!


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