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    No matter how old you are, sometimes you just want your Mama! Whether it’s a broken heart or a banged up knee, she always seems to make it better. In fact, this salve has become the Acorn Hill Mamas’ secret weapon. Our children think it makes everything from bee stings and bug bites to hurt feelings and headaches feel all better. We don’t tell them the herbs infused in this salve aren’t really supposed to work on taking away headaches, but sometimes you just gotta go with it.
    So the next time your little one (or yourself!) stays outside after dark and becomes a pin cushion for mosquitos or someone you love gets a cut or scrape, after you dry up the tears, dole out some Mama’s Kiss!


    coconut oil, olive oil herbal infusion (organic herbs: calendula, comfrey, echinacea, plantain, yarrow), beeswax, lavender essential oil, vitamin e


    Certain herbal properties can be affected by light and heat, so store your Mama’s Kiss first-aid salve away from heat and light as best you can, and keep those Mama’s Kisses as potent as can be!


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