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      Healing balm for the wee Little Bums in your family.

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    Start with a new baby. Precious. Pure. Simple. Do we really need to lather all that pure simpleness in words we can’t even pronounce?  And on places we don’t even talk about?  We don’t think so either.  But because we, too, deal with tender bottoms, we created an herbal cream for irritated, rash-covered areas from ingredients that will soothe and heal your baby’s bum.  Ingredients that are pure. And simple.

    Now if only parenting could be that easy…

    DID YOU KNOW? People who don’t even have little children tell us they use Little Bums for other things. We know several sporty guys who use Little Bums to prevent chafing. A mother once told us that her teenage son uses Little Bums on his face to help his acne. Another person told us she used Little Bums in a pinch to treat a yeast infection when she was out of town – and was pleasantly surprised with the results! Do you have another use? We’d love to hear it!


    olive oil herbal infusion (organic herbs: calendula, comfrey, plantain), coconut oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, essential oils (chamomile, lavender, rose), vitamin e


    Certain herbal properties can be affected by light and heat, so store your Little Bums diaper cream away from heat and light as best you can, and keep those Little Bums soft and sweet!

    5.00 out of 5

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    1. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      My mom bought me some of the little bums and mama’s kiss for my newborn. i was changing his diaper and he was just screaming and screaming because his skin was so irritated. i put just a dab of the little bums on there and IMMEDIATLY he stopped crying. i use it now everytime i change his diaper. when he was in the hospital they had to prick his heels every hour to check his blood sugars so when we got home you could not even barely brush his little feet without him screaming. put some mama s kiss on them and immediatly he stopped crying. he is only 4 days old and i you better believe you have found a customer for life. i have also been recommending your products to all my pregnant friends.

    2. out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Little Bums is awesome! I’m an RN and other of two in diapers. My daughter was sick with diarrhea and had developed skin breakdown from frequent cleaning. I started using Little Bums and it worked quickly to heal the excoriated skin. Thanks ladies for this great product!!

    3. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I just got My Little Bums in the mail yesterday and I’m already beyond impressed with it! It cleared up the diaper rash on my daughter after one use, and after reading what some other users have posted I decided to put some on the two mosquito bites she got while we were outside. She hasn’t scratched them as much as usual, and they look much better today!! Pretty sure this is a miracle salve and I’m going to be recommending it to all of my mommy and soon to be mommy friends.

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