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      Soothe. Soften. De-stress.  Soak and Breathe Easy!

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    Our Breathe Easy herbal salve is loved by many, and now our signature Breathe Easy blend has been incorporated into a Sea Salt Soak, and people are loving it! It only takes a couple of tablespoons of the Breathe Easy Sea Salt soak to create a vapor bath. Start out with just a little and add more if you’d like more of the menthol tingle. You don’t take baths, you say? Then sprinkle a couple tablespoons on the floor of hot shower to create a vapor sensation! (May not be suitable for extremely sensitive skin.)
    Try a sprinkle in a soothing foot bath for tired and achy feet!
    Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of this sea salt blend into a warm bath to create a soothing, relaxing, and replenishing bath.


    Dead Sea salt, sea salt, Epsom salt, menthol crystals, peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils

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      (verified owner) – :

      Our family of 6 began to drop like flies to a bronchial virus the week of Thanksgiving. Several friends recommended the Breathe Easy Vapor Rub which brought relief and made sleeping comfortable. The real game changer in our 2 week sickness was the Breathe Easy Sea Salt! I put it in the kids’ baths, dropped some in the bottom of the shower, and used it also in the sink as a steam treatment! It cleared us up and smells wonderful. Thank you Made On Acorn Hill for making such family friendly products that bring relief.

    2. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      This stuff is great in the bottom of the shower!

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